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Cadillac Lease specials from New Car Superstore

Cadillac was formed from the remnants of the Henry Ford Company when Henry Ford departed along with several of his key partners and the company was dissolved. With the intent of liquidating the firm's assets, Ford's financial backers William Murphy and Lemuel Bowen called in engineer Henry M. Leland of Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing Company to appraise the plant and equipment before selling them. Instead, Leland persuaded them to continue the automobile business using Leland's proven single-cylinder engine. The company needed a new name after Henry Ford left. On 22 August 1902 the company reformed as the Cadillac Automobile Company. Leland & Faulconer Manufacturing and the Cadillac Automobile Company merged in 1905

Custom Lease Specials available for every new model vehicle

2016 ATS Coupe.
2016 ATS-V Coupe.
2016 ATS Sedan.
2016 ATS-V Sedan.
2016 CTS Sedan.
2016 CTS-V Sedan.
2016 XTS Sedan.
2016 CT6 Sedan.

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